If the correct part number is known, please use our part search engine for price, delivery time, avalability, replacement info...
If the part number has not been found - it does not mean that we cannot supply it. Please complete request form and within 24 h you will receive a response from dts technical consultant.
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Useful search result info:

By placing the cursor on letter "i" extra info will appear.
(AIR) in case the part has excessive Volumetric weight (large dimensions), please send price request as extra expneses may be applied.

insert up to 5 part numbers at the same time, separating by comma , or semicolon ;
any separating symbol or space does not affect the search result
for example: 7E5807417C GRU, 75653-42090-C0, 51 12 7 184 769
minimum count of characters for a successful search result- - 5
If the correct spare part number is not known, then contact dts team for technical support and we will determine the correct part number and applicability according to VIN (chassis).
Please complete request form and dts technical consultants, using the intended manufacturers OE catalogue, will provide info and get back to you ASAP.
Please inform us in case there has been any kind of modification of the performance or appearance of the vehicle by attaching images.

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  • Explanation of order colours

Part order is accepted - see "ordered" and "received" dates.
Part is invoiced - collected or delivered, or sent with courier service.
In Stock ! No need to order, the part is in dts stock.
Paused ! Part is put on pause, see notes and comments.
Stop ! Part is cancelled or declined - see notes and comments.

  • dts offers free of charge estimation for business partners - insurance companies, dealer centers un repair workshops.
  • We use European, Japanese, Korean un USA automotive producer original car part catalogues according to VIN compatibility
  • If you are only looking for pricing information and / or spare parts numbers, instead of ordering, please contact us and we will agree on the costs of processing the estimate.

How to prepare parts VIN request:


Compulsory INFO

manufacturers name un model

VIN from technical passport- 17 letters & digits

Describe - necessary spare parts

Sort required spare parts

Car modification or rebuilding - images


Supported request formats in e-mail:






Extra INFO

Payer insurance company - case / sub-case number

High quality analog spare parts

Fast delivery - higher prices

Longer delivery - lower prices

We cooperate with courier and shipping companies for direct deliveries within Europe.
By mutual agreement on insurance cases and orders above 1000 EUR, we provide dts transport within Riga.
It is the customers responsibility to accept the quality of the shipment before signing off freight or dts acceptance documents.

Original and aftermarket auto spare parts for European, Japanese, Korean and American car producers

  • body_parts Body engine_parts Engine
  • transmission Transmission transmission Powertrain
  • electrical parts Electric accessories Accessories

If you want the work on your order to be started as early as possible, please try to send your orders in the first half of the day. Otherwise, your order may only be sent to our suppliers in a few hours or the next day (for example, if you send an order at 18:00 in the evening, it may be the next day before the supplier accepts the order)

  • Refundable and exchangeable replacement part can be returned only in OE packaging.
  • The returned part cannot have external damages.
  • The deposit amount and return expenses depend on the parts dimensions and producers refund policy.
  • VAG (AUDI/VW) part number ends with "X"
  • Mercedes part number ends with "90" or "80"
  • Mitsubishi part number begins with "R"

  • every request for a return is considered individually and negotiated directly with the manufacturer depending on its return policy.Charges may apply

if you wish to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible so that we could reach the best solution for you.

  • Prices are not fixed and are constantly changing due to manufacturers monthly price list updates and fluctuations in currency exchange rates.
  • As a result, DTS prepared estimate prices are not fixed and are valid until the next price list or exchange rate update.

The discount level depends on the monthly and anual turnover.
We offer our business partners discounts and credit payments.

According to the manufacturers quality standards, original spare parts are provided to legal entities with a one-year manufacturer guarantee, for individuals a 2-year warranty.
The electric spare parts warranty is valid under a condition that it is installed by an authorized dealer.
The warranty does not apply if the spare part is damaged due to wear.
Light fogging and condensation is not considered as a manufacturing defect if the outside temperature is lower than +10 degrees Celsius, it is raining or snowing.
Warranty claim form